Arrows on line vector

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QGIS is a software that allows a vectorial editing and styling in adaptable efficient way. In such article we are going to learn how is possible create arrows or directions for a line vector, which will rapresent an our route .

At the beginning we must to create a vector shape, line.shp, only for example aims.


Edit the vector, pushing the pencil icon and then Add features in order to add line to the path.


Draw by pointer some lines for example and then style them how you would like to.


At this stage, in the layers panel, you recall vector properties by right button of mouse. It will open the following dialog window. In Style, the dialog window starts in Simple line mode. You can change its style, calibrating trasparency, line width, colours and theme (if this line is an highway path, railway path, footpath, etc…)

Clicking on “+” icon, It will be possible to add a further theme to this line. In Symbol layer type select Marler line. That marker can be loaded in many position of the line such as  the first vertex,  the last vertex, every vertex, central position between two vertex or with an intervall express in millimeter that we set up.

In order to give a continuous trend to the segment, set the markers up with a certain millimetric step.

The final result will be shown in figure below.