Montras de Lisboa

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Montras de Lisboa is a project that encourages the user to look at portuguese capital under a different point of view. Montras refers not only to the shop’s showcases and the exposed products, but also the sign standing out at the entrance of each store.

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The idea was born during a photo project and then mapping on the web the older lojas (the shops) of city, especially those ones more decorated or more preserved in perfect conditions according to the age style.

Navigating the map discover by yourselves that the most of them even could be dated back to the end of XIX century or to the beginning of XX,  instead other ones have been built at the end of XVIII and nowadays operant.

At right side of map there is a legend which helps the user to recognize the category that the shops belongs to . By clicking on the points, it is possible to display the store history which has gone along with a photo made by myself during the several jam-session of photo-mapping around Lisbon.